Widget Areas

Calmar Lite currently contains 7 widget-areas. As the usual WordPress fashion dictates, you can add any widget – from text to HTML inside those. As you may expect, the content is added through the WordPress Customizer.

Main Widget Area

This is located right below the slider, on the home-/front-page of this theme. It will only be visible there.

Navbar Widget Area

The navbar-widget-area may be removed in future updates. Currently it is located within the navigationbar (menu). If you add a widget, it will automatically show up.

Sidebar Area Left/Right

The sidebar does, what a sidebar does. They are displayed on the home-/front-page, but also on most other pages. Add something to see how they work. Basicly just another widget area.
Beware that you can not add the left and right widget area simultaneously!

Footer Widget Area 1/2/3

These are located on the bottom of the theme. Basicly visible from any page. Adding all of them, will result in a kind of mega-footer.